Air Jordan 16s Up close and personal with Sam Edelman at public appearance

19. März 2015

Sam Edelman made his public appearance at Belk Galleria Dallas yesterday, May 16 and what a nice event it was. The morning began with a VIP private breakfast, a view of his personal collection, taking pictures and more. Belk hosted an upscale and classy; inviting and friendly showing. One could say that his beginning in footwear was destined as he comes from a family in the fashion business namely, leather shoe business. Early on, alligator, crocodile, lizard and snake skin was the family’s primary shoe design then and some of those same patterns and characteristics are found in Sam Edelman shoes today. Sam shared more moments about how he helped to build a shoe line for Esprit that would compliment their clothes. Sam started on his own personal quest to become the shoe Icon he is today.

The Margarita was the first shoe he designed 32 years ago and was an instant his. It has the look and feel of a Mexican Harache and today, is still one of the Air Jordan 16s most sold Sam Edelman shoe. The Gladiator was first introduced by the Sam Edelman brand approximately 8 years ago. When no one else could see the vision, he did and today over a million of the shoes have sold and for this, Sam Edelman is known as the “King of the Gladiator.” The Ballerina flats is 35 years in the making and Sam Edelman has sold more Air Jordan 20s ballerinas that any other shoe company in the world. Air Jordan 2010 The ballerina is one of the best shoes ever created by the Icon.

Where Air Jordan 5s Sam gets his inspiration:

European contemporary style; clothes, music, lifestyle; hair and minimalistic materials. This can most notably be seen in his Circus collection, a junior line of shoes that captures just what life is about, the realness of girls and the things they like to do. Neutral sets Nike LeBron 12 the tone for this season’s collection because Sam believes, “nude goes with everything in your closet.”

An apparel collection with the collaborative efforts of Kate Upton for the Kate Upton/Sam Edelman apparel collection is in the works. A beauty and fragrance line and a mens collection is something else to look forward to for the Sam Edelman brand.

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