Air Jordan Spizike How Do I Apply Heavy Eye Makeup

19. März 2015

Hi, I’m Melanie Shelley for Trim Classic Barber and Legendary Beauty. Today, we’re going to learn how to do a nighttime eye. These are the tools you’ll need, a flat angled brush, very thin, a detailing brush, fluffy but pointed at the end. A flat eyeshadow brush and a medium sized fluffy eyeshadow brush. You’ll also need mascara, preferably waterproof and a dark brown liner. In addition, you’ll need two, deep toned matte shadows, a concealer pallet, a black liquid eyeliner pot and light, shimmery makeup pallets. The most exciting part about doing a nighttime eye, is creating the play between light and shadow. So, on Danielle today, we’re going to start with a very light, shimmery gold, right on the lid. I like to make sure that there’s a lot of brightness and lightness Air Jordan Spizike inside of it. So then, when we add depth with our layers, it really pops. I’m applying the gold only to Danielle’s lid, as there’ll be other layers in the corner of the eye and also in the crease. Next, use your detailing Air Jordan 10s brush, lift up the brow and start at the beginning of the eye and create a half moon in the crease. I’m using a deep toned brown, with a matte texture. If I use sparkle in area, I like to use mattes in the next area. That way, we create a little bit more dimension. Make sure you stop, before you round the edge of the eye. Everything wants to go upwards and outwards and you Nike Air Foamposite One don’t want the eye to look bogged down. Create a small V, at the corner of the eye. What you want is, to have a half moon leading into a V, that sweeps back towards the middle of the eye. But you leave all this open and light, and all this becomes darker and deeper. using a Q tip, I’m going to continue the drama around the bottom of the eye. Gently buff about a quarter inch, a half way across the eye, with a darker shade. Make sure that it connects at the corner, to the Air Jordan 11s top drama. Using the same light tone, as you used on the eyelid, sweep the eyeshadow across, to the middle of the eye. And you’ll meet the dark and the light, right about center. Then, buff until it becomes impossible to tell, where one ends and the other begins. Now, to finish the drama, we’re going to highlight directly under the brow bone, with a very pale gold, with a lot of shimmer. So, we have a shimmer, matte and shimmer again. Now, for a real pop at the very end. What you want to do is, put a highlight, right here and right here. Just a dot, on the inside of the nose bone. You want to use your lightest gold with a shimmer and a little pop of white, within it. Place it there and then, blend with a Q tip, until it blends with the rest of the skin tone. To give a really feline look to an already beautiful nighttime Air Jordan 8s eye. You’re going to want to use a very soft eyeliner, right along the rim of the eye. Make sure to continue it down, into the eye, for an almost Egyptian effect. And of course, always finish with mascara. I’m Melanie Shelley, thanks for joining me to learn how to do a nighttime eye.

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